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Ren’Py Galleries In-Depth Tutorial

June 13, 2024
Ren'Py Galleries In-Depth Tutorial

I’ve been asked now and then to do a gallery tutorial in Ren’Py and seen a lot of questions about it online. Especially how to make replay galleries that can replay a scene from the game.

When I was researching image galleries in the documentation pages of Ren’Py, I realized the language might be a little confusing at times and thought it’s no wonder it can be hard to grasp for beginners.

So I made a in-depth tutorial PDF available on my Patreon for those who want to learn to make ones themselves. In the tutorial, I explain things with my own words in a way that is hopefully a little easier to understand. One of my patrons on Patreon said it was well written and that they learned a lot from it, so I take that as a win! 😊

For making replay items in the gallery, I tried a few different techniques until I found one that was quite simple to implement into a normal image gallery. Ren’Py doesn’t have functionality out of the box to make replay buttons with the normal image gallery code, but in my tutorial PDF, it’s pretty simple to set one up by making our own button displayable instead of using the make_button() function.

Ren'Py Replay Gallery Tutorial
Replay button with a custom overlay image of a “play” button!

The PDF tutorial is for Patreons in the Voting tier, but I also have a FREE preview version where you can read the first three parts of it for free. It goes into how to setup a gallery with Python code, like adding a gallery button and an image that should be unlocked and viewable after being seen in the game.

The full version is 13 parts total and goes into many different things like:

  • how to make a replay gallery button
  • how to make a gallery button unlock with custom conditions, instead of after being seen in the game
  • how to setup a gallery screen with multiple pages
  • how to navigate between multiple gallery images

and more!

Here’s a quick video showcasing what the tutorial teaches:

So if you’re interested in learning how to make image galleries and replay galleries in Ren’Py, check it out on my Patreon!

After joining the Voting tier, you’ll immediately have access to download it and don’t have to stay joined if you don’t want to. I appreciate the support for however long people want to and can. 😊

Thanks for reading!

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