Ren’Py Cooking Mini-game Script

December 26, 2023

I’ve always liked playing those cooking games where you have to put together a meal according to customers requests within a certain amount of time, like cooking dash back in the day or newer ones like the Delicious series. So I thought this could be a fun type of mini-game for people to be able to put into their visual novels!

This cooking mini-game script is all about assembling ingredients with drag and drop according to orders, which in this case are sandwiches. But you could of course customize it to be about assembling something entirely different if you want. It’s quite basic in terms of functionality so that you can extend and customize it to your liking. Add your own images and story and make it unique!

See the preview video below to see what it looks like.

The player will get the orders as notes at the top of the screen that contains all the ingredients in the correct order. It’s the players job to assemble the sandwiches with the correct ingredients.

To plate ingredients, you simply click and drag one of them to the empty plate. Each plated ingredient will go a little higher up on the stack every time to make sure the player can see what they have added.

To remove an ingredient, you have to drag it to the trash. You can only remove the top ingredient, so if you added a wrong ingredient somewhere in the stack, you’ll have to remove all the top ones first to get to it. There’s no limit on ingredients so the player could remove and add as many as they like. But again, you can customize the code to your liking.

When an order is done, you simply click on the order note it belongs to and that order will go away together with the ingredients you plated.

There’s also a shift countdown timer that counts down until the shift is over. Until then, new orders will keep spawning if there’s room for it. You want to set how many orders should be available in the script, so that when one is completed a new one can take it’s place. However once the time is up, no more orders will be created but the player can still finish the ones they have left.

The new order will be added after a slight delay, which you can customize too. That’s to make it seem a little more realistic, rather than an order being added immediately after another is completed.

There’s also a simple money counter system which keeps count of how much money has been earned throughout the shift. Each completed sandwich will give a certain amount of points, which can be seen at the top of the screen as well. You could then extend the script if you want, to allow the player to buy stuff with the money they’ve earned.

The script is available for patrons in the tier Supporter or higher. If you’re interested in it, you can find it and many other scripts I have available on my Patreon. It’s been commented to make it easier for you to know how it works, and the post for it on Patreon contains some useful information too.

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