Ren’Py Timed Click Counter Tutorial

June 2, 2023
Ren'Py Timed Click Counter Tutorial

A fun and beginner friendly Ren’Py tutorial I decided to do on my channel, is a timed click counter where the player can either click with the mouse on an imagebutton or press a key on the keyboard. The counter will keep counting the clicks or key-presses as long as the countdown timer hasn’t run out of time.

In this case I made the imagebutton in the shape of a cookie (kind of like a cookie clicker game!) that zooms in and out slightly when you hover over it. I also added a fun rotating image depicting light rays underneath that gives the game a more fun look which I also explain how to do.

You can then use this code to make a mini-game to challenge the player to click as many times they can before the time is up, and then maybe give different rewards depending on how they did. In the tutorial I made a simple example of adding different texts to the screen depending on how many clicks the user managed to do, and then a play again button so they can try again.

If you’re interested in it, the full tutorial can be watched on my channel and it includes the tutorial image assets which you can download from the video description. The full script is also available to download on my Patreon.

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